Energyshare Survey - Your say starts now!

New Zealand’s first community-owned energy company is almost here!

Energyshare is being set up as a community-owned electricity cooperative to supply electricity, ‘lease to own’ solar photovoltaic (PV) and energy efficiency products to its members throughout New Zealand.

Your say in how Energyshare is run starts now. Take this short survey to help define our share offer – tell us what works for you!

Please read the following and answer the question below:
Why should you join?

Electricity doesn’t need to cost as much as it does.

Being a community-owned energy company, there are no big CEO salaries to pay and no bureaucracy or huge marketing costs – so your power will be cheaper. Cooperatives are powered by their members – You can vote on company decisions and get your fair share of any profits.

At Energyshare, we want to reduce our impact on the planet. We aim to harness solar energy from the sun, and share it locally for the benefit of you and your community. Energyshare will supply 100% renewable and 100% zero carbon energy.

Reducing your bill and your impact on the planet means being more efficient. We’ll provide you with easy ways you can use less energy.

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